$1 $0.5 discount
price for 30 days
  • Over 191+ channels
  • SD + FULL HD channels
  • Activation 10 minutes. International payment.



$3 $1.5 discount
price for 30 days
  • Over 297+ channels
  • SD + FULL HD channels
  • Activation 10 minutes. International payment.



$2 $1 discount
price for 30 days
  • Over 73+ channels
  • SD + FULL HD channels
  • Activation 10 minutes. International payment.

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The best IPTV Servise TOPIPTV.INFO

Everything is ready for viewing IPTV / OTT on iPhone, iPad, Android, HTPC, Smart TV, SAT receiver, etc.

Are you tired of looking for online streaming every day? And those that you find are not stable or don't work for a long time. Tired of constantly changing playlists?

We are glad to introduce you TOPIPTV:Project, a platform that will provide you with reliable and high-quality links to online broadcasts. The list of channels is constantly expanding. Join now!

All Benefits of IPTV / OTT Television

Over 420+ of the best premium channels from TOPIPTV.INFO anywhere in the world Film, children’s, scientific, educational, travel, sports, for adults, news, regional, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, foreign.

Best price

The cost of packages starts at just $ 1 per month, so that everyone chooses only the right package without overpayments.

Minimum requirements

Watch on any equipment iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android pad, Android miniPC, Smart TV, etc.

Premium sport package

For sports fans there is a separate SPORT package with select and exclusive channels around the world.

Easy setup

Setting up in 5 seconds, all popular playlist formats are automatically generated in billing.

Real reviews

We have nothing to hide, user reviews are never deleted. Discuss the service in VK and on the forum.

Free test

You can test the service for free by contacting online support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is going on here, what is IPTV?

IPTV or Internet Protocol Television (Interactive Television) (IP-TV, IP-television) - the technology (standard) of digital television in IP data networks used by digital cable television operators, a new generation television.

What do you need to watch television on IPTV?

Cable Internet with a speed of at least 20 Mbps. A lower or unstable speed does not guarantee a high-quality signal and the ability to view it in HD quality. Check your internet speed.

What equipment is available for viewing?

Almost any modern, digital equipment is suitable. It can be: Smart TV, iptv media set-top box, computer, satellite receiver supporting iptv, any ios or android device. Settings for your device can be found in the "Hardware Settings" section.

Where can I see the list of packages / available channels and prices?

You can see the list of packages and available channels at the top of the page. Or in Billing, after registration. Previously registered users may log in using previous data.

How to pay for the service?

Click on the link to billing, enter authorization data or register, click the button "Your balance" on the left menu , enter the required amount. Next you will see the available payment methods. Payment by cards from all over the world and even more than 100+ different systems is accepted.

Are there any discounts?

Yes, When replenishing the balance by the amounts:

  • 10 - to the score of 12
  • 20 - to the account 25
  • 30 - to the account 40
  • 40 - to the account 55
  • 50 - at the expense of 80
  • The promotion is valid only for a one-time payment

    Payment passed without problems, what to do next?

    After paying and crediting the necessary amount to your account, select the Packages menu and buy the necessary one (OTT / IPTV) Package. After the purchase, go to the "IPTV: Settings" menu, then download the playlist or enter a link to it in your equipment. For more information, see the "Hardware Setup" section.

    On how many devices can I watch from one account?

    Currently, access is only from 1 device.

    The playlist has stopped working, what should I do?

    Check the billing due date for your package. Generate a new playlist in the IPTV Config menu. To keep the playlist up to date, do not download, but enter a link to it.

    Doesn’t work at all!

    The activation period of the package is 10 minutes, if after this time does not work, you made a mistake at some step, do it all over again or contact our tech. support.

    How to take the test?

    Contact our online chat, at the bottom right of the page, indicating the login and your email, the test will be issued free of charge until the end of the day for the full package.

    Is there a Ministra Portal (ex. Stalker)?

    Not at the moment, viewing is available through the m3u playlist. Ministra Portal will be launched soon.

    Is there an affiliate program?

    Yes, we have a referral program. If, following your link, a new user is registered, then each time you top up the balance with this user, you will receive 10% of the amount of his payment, instantly! The money you earn can be used to purchase packages or withdraw to WebMoney!